At Personal Indulgence our friendly team offers an exciting range of services that assists you to gain your desired or most wanted items at the touch of your fingertips through our Instagram page and website.

Our services include;

Product Sourcing

At Personal Indulgence the word 'SOLD OUT' doesn't apply to us with our extensive network and worldwide team we ensure to hunt down your desired & most wanted pieces within a timely manner to fulfil your indulgences

Product sourcing at Personal Indulgence involves a fee of £50 which is NON refundable, As this helps us start the process of us searching for your item.

When and if your item is found, The fee paid is contributed to your final transaction cost.

The fee ensures that all our clients are agreeing to using our services and our time at Personal Indulgence is accounted for.


Personal Shopping 

Personal shopping with Personal Indulgence is one of the easiest experiences you can endure where we offer this service to all clients all over the globe.

This is one of our main services that we specialise in whether its an item on your wish list or already sold out upon release we make it happen for you 

This gives you the opportunity to work with Personal Indulgence directly to pre- order any Luxury item whether it's straight from the runway or new collection. 


Wardrobe cleansing 

Personal Indulgence offers to assist you to cleanse your wardrobe in any city globally where we help you get rid of the old and make space for the new with the benefit of making money from your current luxuries or making money for your new items.

Personal Indulgence authenticates your pieces before they are placed on our Instagram Platform @personalindulgencecloset where we sell new & pre loved items at discounted prices 


E-Styling in addition styling in person for all occasions

Do you have an occasion to go to, No inspiration or can't make it to the stores

Look no further!

Personal Indulgence has a team of stylists whom respond within a timely manner to cater to your needs and will assist you with your looks or will give you inspiration on what to look for or recycle from your current wardrobe to give you the look of a lifetime 


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Please note- Personal Indulgence is not associated and/or affiliated with any fashion houses or brands, whose products are offered for sale on our website. The authentication of said products is performed independently by Personal Indulgence.